BEGINS:    20 – 27  March

Big Island Hawaii

Spring Renewal

February: 20-27     /       March: 20-27    /      April: 24-30

Meet top talent and world-renowned experts while attending a unique 3 month experience for rejuvenation, immune building, life renewal and radical awakening.

Get involved with a new way of thinking about the future and make valuable connections while substantially improving your physical and mental health.

In person or online!

incredible people

Our speakers

tara victoria

Designer Hatch and Hatson

Charles Biderman

How to have a totally
satisfying rest of your life

Regardless of where you are right now

KaShiva MahaDevi

"Who Am I?"
Esoteric Astrology

Colleen Chen

Love-Inspired Home Schooling

awesome place for awesome people

plantation estate

Join us on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii for a fabulous week-long retreat online or in-person.
Fly to Kona, Hawaii where our estate chauffeur greets and brings you home to reset, renew and rejuvenate with a collection of superior health facilitators and life coach extraordinaire.
The best possible vacation time awaits your arrival!

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BEGINS: 20 - 27 March

Conference 2021

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